December 27


It had been a dry year or two or three. A fire that started in April 2011 burned for 23 days, torching 314,000 acres of land. Much was lost – homes, trees, cattle – and it still hasn’t rained enough for the future to be free of fire danger.

Across the road from a fire-ruined house, the cemetery’s cistern leaks on one side, providing water enough for the tallest stand of grass around.

Fort Davis, Texas

photographed 11.11.11

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  1. Ladder to the top
    to look down into the depths
    into mystery.


  2. A cemetery needs a cistern? Are Texans thirsty, dead or alive?


  3. Maybe the ground is reserved for really hard (and thirsty) people.


  4. I like the old-meets-new sense of this. Beautiful.


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