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…and other times I don’t


But for all that big talk yesterday about my urban travels, here we are in Fort Davis (population 1,250).

I was in Fort Davis in August and I checked out every street in town* to see what I could see. I saw dogs. A lot of dogs. They all seemed to be unhappy that I was there, and it made me nervous. (Dogs always make me nervous. Cats? Never.) But that’s neither here nor there.

In addition to unhappy dogs, I saw this gem of a place, with its appliance graveyard, melting adobe house, and (this is for you, Ehpem) some very nice corrugated metal.

Fort Davis, Texas
photographed 8.17.2013

*It didn’t take all that long. There aren’t many streets.

December 27


It had been a dry year or two or three. A fire that started in April 2011 burned for 23 days, torching 314,000 acres of land. Much was lost – homes, trees, cattle – and it still hasn’t rained enough for the future to be free of fire danger.

Across the road from a fire-ruined house, the cemetery’s cistern leaks on one side, providing water enough for the tallest stand of grass around.

Fort Davis, Texas

photographed 11.11.11

December 24


As you leave town going south toward Alpine, there’s a sign on the highway that says “Pioneer Cemetery” with an arrow pointing west. If you take the path, which goes along a house or two and a barn, you’ll find what’s left of the cemetery.

near Fort Davis, Texas

photographed 4.16.2006

August 20

near the intersection of Front and Davis Streets

Fort Davis, Texas

photographed 11.11.2011

April 10

The end of another day, as seen from a scenic overlook.

Davis Mountains State Park, Texas

photographed 11.10.2010

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