The cemetery


The historical marker at this cemetery says, “The history of this community cemetery dates to 1854 when 18-year-old Rebecca Chambers died and was buried here. Rebecca, who reportedly was ill while traveling past here with the family of her sister and brother-in-law, Nancy and E. G. Evans, asked to be buried on this flower-covered hillside. While the land was vacant public domain several other burials took place. There are about 65 early graves marked only by rocks.”

Something about a girl telling her family where she wanted to be buried haunted me the day I read the sign, and still sticks with me, and makes me want to post a dark and moody shot.  Even though Rebecca Chambers saw it when the hill was covered in flowers.

Smithwick Cemetery
Burnet County, Texas
photographed 3.9.2013

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  1. A touching story. The photo conveys our grief for her loss. But you can go back in Spring when the blue bonnets fill the grass and take a picture in color of this place, maybe she saw it a hill where to rest in the peace of God.


  2. Very moody and beautiful photo. Interesting story .


  3. You certainly captured the mood.


  4. I agree with every one else, this is about the “moodiest” photo you’ve shown. But it’s a good fit for the story. And what story!


  5. Beautiful image and story.


  6. That image strikes the right chord if you’re looking for moody; very nice indeed! I should spend more time in small cemeteries – they have some interesting history behind them.


  7. Dark and moody, perfect! I like those branches reaching down like twisty arms.


  8. It is so sad when children sense their own deaths.


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