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I don’t think you have to even be a football fan to realize that maybe it’s been a season or two since teams took to this field.

(now defunct) Wellman Union School
Terry County, Texas
photographed 7.4.2012

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  1. Very cool – I should come to Texas – seems like there’s an endless supply of deserted buildings and old stuff…


  2. This sad-nostalgic shot reminds me of <> my favorite was by the Kingston Trio.


  3. It reminds me of Where have all the flowers gone.. the inverted brackets ruined it!… my age greatly surpasses yours: I remember them – and others – on the radio daily… ( and In Texas!).


  4. Very nice shot. Though I am not totally sure about the bluish treatment. It is awfully cold.


  5. all it needs is some chalk!!


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