Nice but not expensive


Found this little getaway down in Florida. Maybe this is where I am now, on my internet-free vacation….

Hint: see how that one sign says “free WiFi”?

St. Petersburg, Florida
photographed 10.29.2010

Travel = good! Travel with no internet = I’m a little nervous. If you want to comment on this post, please do. I promise that once the internet and I are on speaking terms again, I will get back to you. (I think we’ll be back together on July 7.)

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  1. I like the description “Nice, but not expensive”! It says it all. Have a good time, I’ll wait here.


  2. A color photo! Cute place. And one can see the B-W beneath the composition….


  3. Cute photo and yeah… I’ve considered investing in an air card for my road trips so that if there’s no wifi I can still conduct business!!! 🙂


  4. I like ‘nice but not expensive’, in all facets of my life. If this is where you are staying, then the free wifi might be broken, or something.


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