Lines. And lines.



Sometimes I like to look (literally) at the big picture.

But, when I can get close and see things like this conglomeration of lines, the big-picture view becomes inadequate.

Ritz Theater
Snyder, Texas

photographed 7.10.2013

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  1. There must be a Ritz theatre in almost every town in the english speaking world. And most of the ones I have seen have all closed down.


    • It was a popular name – it sounded so glamorous! It’s the same here in the states; most small-town theaters of the Ritz era have closed for various reasons. In this part of Texas, it’s mostly due to decades of declining population. In other areas, it’s probably because of competition from the multi-screen theaters.

      This place has been restored, though, and is used for community theater productions and a movie every now and then. Here’s what it looked like, prior to the restoration:


  2. It’s a great looking building and I love the detail shots. A lot of photographers would cross the street to take it all in but they would be miss out on these wonderful details.


  3. Great colours. I do like your colour images, Melinda.


  4. Variety of line styles definitely make for an interesting image, Melinda. Colour adds something to it too – I’m guessing this might not benefit from a conversion to B&W, unless you can work wonders with the contrast. Sometimes colour wins!


  5. Looking at the photo in the link, I can sure appreciate that you took this one a lot closer.
    We have a Ritz Hotel in Victoria. Not a place anyone stays by choice, including the people that live there.


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