Let’s assume there is a vacancy


I like to think of myself as a keen observer of my surroundings, always noticing what’s going on, who is around me, subtle changes from a year ago (or an hour ago). The kind of person who would make an excellent witness should the need arise. Yep. That’s me. A Very Observant Person.

Which is why I feel quite well-qualified to say that I do not believe folks looking for lodging in Marfa will have any luck at the Stardust Motel. Since that fence blocks access. Oh, and because there’s not a building there any more.

near Marfa, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

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  1. You’re driving along late one stormy and you see the signpost up ahead. You’ve just crossed over into… the twilight zone.

    This would be great fodder for Rod Serling.


  2. I guess there is no sense in asking if there is free HBO then, is there?
    Seriously, this is a prize winner. There is no doubt in my mind and, if you are looking for suggestions for potential contest photos, this would be one of my choices.


  3. Nice shot!! Would they allowing you to set up a tent among the foundations? It would be cool to see if this shot could be made to work against a brilliant night sky, like the ones you took in Fiji.


  4. Ah well – someone evidently forgot to sprinkle the stardust and look what happens… But maybe it was a little too whimsical a name for a place in the middle of nowhere. Well spotted, Melinda.


  5. It really is just stardust now …
    Great image!


  6. I just love your work Melinda, and this post is absolutely top drawer! How absolutely profound. And well seen. And perfectly executed. Great job!


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