The off season is very long


In Lubbock County, fireworks may only be sold from June 24 through July 4 and December 20 through January 1. And, then, in especially dry years, the county commissioners may implement a ban on any fireworks sales.

So, for 25 days per year, this place is open. The rest of the time, it just squats beside the road, hoping, maybe for rain.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 11.10.2013

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  1. Fireworks cant be sold at all here. Or used (that is to deal with the sales that could otherwise occur on Indian Reserves which are not subject to local laws). This shed might be happier up here – at least it would be used, for something else. Besides which, how do you think a shed full of fireworks feels? Volatile probably.


    • Volatile! Indeed.

      This is along an interesting little stretch of road. It’s anchored at one end by the Body Shop sign I posted the other day, then there’s a bigger fireworks stand, an adult bookstore, this fireworks stand, and a vacant pool hall.


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