María de Jesús


María de Jesús: that was the name on this roadside cross.

The road is straight here as it crosses the narrow plain between mountain ranges. I was lulled by the post-post-post rhythm of the fence. Post. Post. Post. All straight, all evenly spaced. Until this one, the broken one, with the jagged end pointing directly toward María’s cross.

I’d never have seen it otherwise.

near Marfa, Texas
photographed 2005

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  1. I wonder if the broken post has anything to do with Maria.


  2. I’ve seen enough of your work to doubt that it was only luck that you saw it.


    • Well, I did spend about ten years photographing roadside crosses and learned various ways to spot them – a bit of color or movement where there wouldn’t normally be, flashes of white, curves in the road, skid marks heading toward the shoulder, and other things. This one was, as far as I remember, the only time a broken post pointed a cross out to me. It’s been a while since I stopped photographing roadside crosses, but I do still notice them.


  3. Great mood in this picture – well kind of a horrible mood in the circumstances, but very appropriate. I like the way you put the words together too: “post-post-post rhythm of the fence” is exactly right.


  4. Great mood and atmosphere + one hell of a good composition. All the best Mark


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