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María de Jesús


María de Jesús: that was the name on this roadside cross.

The road is straight here as it crosses the narrow plain between mountain ranges. I was lulled by the post-post-post rhythm of the fence. Post. Post. Post. All straight, all evenly spaced. Until this one, the broken one, with the jagged end pointing directly toward María’s cross.

I’d never have seen it otherwise.

near Marfa, Texas
photographed 2005



On a desolate stretch of a narrow highway, north of San Francisco, the whiteness of the cross against the summer-brown grasses caught my attention. The cross had not been there long – the flag was still crisp, the fresh flowers hadn’t started fading, and the grass was still bent from recent footsteps.

The day after my visit was the one-month anniversary of the day M. Tate lost his/her life on the road by the sea.

along Highway 1, at Meyers Grade Road

photographed 7.23.2005

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