Clouds and the saddlery


I don’t list this on my resume, but I am actually a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society. I have a certificate and I keep a copy of the cloud collector’s handbook in my car.

That way, for example, when I am in Alpine and see these clouds, I can quickly identify them as altocumulus clouds.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

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  1. Having never been there, I now have a sense of Alpine, Joel’s skies under which the Saddlery sits. ‘Altocumulus’. Right now, we’d take any kind.


    • Joel is a lucky man to get to live under this kind of sky.

      This part of Texas is my very favorite, and I go there as often as I can. The trip where I took this picture was on a trip I made out there in August, just before I had to clean out my dad’s house. I used my time out there (under Joel’s skies, which he was nice enough to share!) getting myself calm and focused on the task at hand.

      When was the last time you had any rain that counted?


    • December 4, 2012, a little over 1.5″, well over a year since we’ve gotten an inch or more from a single rain event. And December 29, 2010 was the last time we got over 2 inches. It’s been a test.


      • Living in a city, as I do, it’s easy to think that a drought just means that we can’t water the lawn as much as we used to. But we can survive, with very few real concerns.

        But you? How can you continue – emotionally/financially/etc. in the face of this? Does it come to “I can’t go on” vs. “I can’t NOT go on”?


  2. What an amazing sky this is!!!


  3. This is excellent! Our cloudy days are more overcast than this. Occasionally, when we get some interesting clouds I refer to it as an “Ansel Adams” sky. The handnbook looks interesting. I might go for the Kindle version. That way I’ll always have it with me.


    • The handbook is nice to have. I keep mine in the car all the time; my granddaughter (she’s 6) loves to look at the pictures and match them to what she sees in the sky. Or, fi there’s no sky, she just gives me a lengthy (and also entertaining) commentary describing the photos.


  4. Phenomenal sky, Melinda. In the distance looks a bit like what is also called a Mackerel sky – maybe that’s also another name for AltoCumulus.


  5. Nice sky. You did your own research I suspect because the research department has been running late, of late. I have a book called the Marine Observers Handbook, which has clouds in it too, but also has wave conditions so you can describe from the condition of the water, the force of the wind. If I had a view of the ocean, it would make sense to have it in the house, where it lives, If I had a boat, it could sensibly live there. It makes little sense to keep it where I do though, or really anywhere at all these days.


    • Or, maybe I did my own research because I wanted to brag on my membership in the Cloud Appreciation Society…..

      I used to have a list of terms for waves that I was going to use in a poem. Until I remembered that I don’t really know anything about waves, other than they are…wavy…, so I decided using those terms wouldn’t ring true.


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