White on white, 15


The backs of things.

Sometimes they are better than the side, or the front, as these views of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church show.

(It wasn’t just this church: here’s the back of St. Mary of the Assumption Church, in Megargel, Texas.)

Petrolia, California
photographed 7.30.2012

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  1. Ohhh, striking! and with that apostrophe cross! I love this one.
    But not brick am I right? painted over old siding. It simulates bricks at first look.


  2. Now this is excellent!!!


  3. I like this one a lot. Very clean and simple. Backs of churches can be like that – devoid of the clutter, the caked on makeup, that they use to face the world. You have linked to another excellent example as well.


  4. Beautifully controlled, what I would call, high-key image. I love this Melinda


    • Thanks, Andy. This one was tricky to shoot: I was facing almost directly into the sun, and, because we were near the coast, there was a glare from the fog bank that was hanging just offshore. I didn’t really like this shot for a long time, compared to the others of the same building that I took the same day, but facing to the east. Those had nice black skies (https://melindagreenharvey.com/2012/08/16/august-16/, for example). But you know how it is: images hang around in the archive, quietly waiting their turn – after the brash and pushy shots have and their day – and THEN you notice them!


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