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Because I am sure you want to know, here’s a short explanation of what “off road diesel” is.

“Off road diesel” is diesel that is for use exclusively for off road uses. Like farm vehicles or diesel generators.

It’s dyed (red, usually) to distinguish it from non-off-road diesel. It’s cheaper than regular diesel because its price does not include federal highway taxes. And, while you can burn it in your diesel car, for example, without harming the engine, you’ll be risking some tax evasion charges.

If you want more information – and who WOULDN’T want more information?! – you can go here.

Maple, Texas
photographed 2.16.2014

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  1. In all my years of going to gas stations (more than 5), I’ve never seen a pump with a sign like this. Maybe because I’m a city boy that never buys gas in an area where there are a lot of off road vehicles. Learn something everyday.


  2. Never heard of this, Melinda!
    Really neat find.


  3. Used by the farming community in UK – woe betide you if the tax authorities find it in your car! but here in Oman fuel is cheap so never seen.



    • Thanks, David. I’ve never actually heard about anyone getting caught using “red diesel” in a vehicle that wasn’t supposed to have it, but then again, I’d never heard of this stuff until I saw the sign on this pump and wrote the blog post. So it probably happens a lot and has escaped my notice.


  4. Never heard the term ‘off road’ but I’m familiar with the term ‘red’ diesel over here in the UK.


    • This is one of those weird things – I’d never really known about off-road diesel, but now that I do, it seems like maybe I DID know about it. Does that make sense? (No – of course it doesn’t. I may need more coffee.)


  5. Around here it seems to be called Coloured Fuel (officially – though I grew up hearing it referred to as farm fuel which includes gas as well as diesel.


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