Left behind: flouncy curtains in a wood-paneled room.

Left behind: dreams that didn’t survive reality.

Pep, Texas
photographed 2.16.2014

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  1. Photos close to home

    Although I grew up in Texas, I never heard of Pep. A dark and sad photograph. Sixty years ago my family moved into a new house; we were so proud. Last year I drove past it – it was showing its age. A mixture of sadness and memories of the good times, too.


    • I don’t think many people have heard of Pep; it never was very big and is now practically a ghost town. I know what you mean about a mixture of sadness and good memories; I’ve recently cleaned out and sold my dad’s house, where he’d lived for 48 years.


  2. Very flouncy curtains – more like a line of petticoats then curtains. Once upon a time, someone had ideas for this place.


    • That’s what always strikes me when I peek into these old places – the hints of lives and dreams. And I want to think the farmer’s wife made these curtains on her sewing machine, maybe a portable Singer that she set up on the kitchen table.

      Thanks for the comment, Andy!


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