The carved wooden hearts are decorated with milagros, folk art charms which are used in the Americas and whose use can be traced back through Spanish explorers and missionaries to ancient Iberians. Traditionally offered to a symbol of a saint in gratitude for an answered prayer or a reminder of the petitioner’s particular needs. The symbolism is not universal – a heart charm could represent a heart condition or a romance.

Depending on your beliefs, I suppose the use of the milagros as decorative items may have corrupted their original intent.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 6.29.2014

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  1. Beautiful photo, Melinda.


  2. Not usually a fan of these kinda object, close-up shots, but this one is different. Mainly as I have personal interest in this kinda art work, but also there is meaning, not just cos it looks good. Also I enjoy colour in most photos, and would personally like to see more lol, looking at b/w sometimes is comparable to watching a movie and wanting the cameraman to scoot over to the left a bit!


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