Like ships in the…day


Ehpem and his spouse (who also blogs) took me out to explore the Ogden Point breakwater, which has also been featured on Ehpem’s blog. (Here are some of Ehpem’s shots of the breakwater prior to the installation of railings.)

Driftwood. Breakwater. Canada is so exotic!


The lower levels of the breakwater provide an interesting angle from which to observe people walking above. And to see some of them moving with great determination in opposite directions.

Victoria, British Columbia
photographed 8.2.2014

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  1. Nice view Melinda. I think you took that shot at the same time as I was taking the one I posted yesterday (Doll Tales). Which goes yo show the variety of views available at one time.


  2. Did you do it on purpose to make it look like a prison? or maybe it is just my temporarily twisted mind as I face grave problems in my life…


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