Driftwood, again


My sincere thanks to Ehpem and his spouse for being such gracious hosts for my brief visit to Victoria. They were generous with their time and their hospitality.

They were also generous about showing me the things they love about their city. Like this scene, which is just a short walk from their house.

I hope to someday return the favor and show them around West Texas, which of course has less driftwood but more sky.

Victoria, British Columbia
photographed 8.2.2014

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  1. Nice treatment Melinda. These bleached white logs can be quite difficult to process well.


  2. Lovely photo! I have one just like this that I took around the same time in Vancouver. Yours is better! I’m going to mention you in my next post. Just inspired by your tireless dedication!


    • Thanks, George. It looks like we were in western Canada at almost the same time! I look forward to your next blog post; there have been a few times over the years when I’ve thought about stopping the blog (as recently as this spring, in fact) but the biggest break I’ve taken has been 10 days. There’s a possibility it’s more an addiction than “tireless dedication”!


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