For safekeeping


Someone uses this old building, which is right there on Main Street*, as storage for all the really important things. Like those hub caps glinting in the afternoon sun, quite a few plastic buckets, a three-legged stool that seems very unstable, and a tractor.

Lebanon, Nebraska
photographed 8.31.2014


*OK. So it’s not really called Main Street. But it is the main street.

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  1. Aren’t there mice or rats in Lebanon? I can’t believe those paper towels have not been made into nesting material.

    You never know when you might need a hubcap. I once used a few dozen of them, painted bright orange and on 2×2 stakes, to mark the locations of houseposts in the former village site of Gitsaek in order to see them from the air for photography reasons. The guy at the wrecking yard couldn’t believe his ears.


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