It all falls down


Whatever used to be there is now just a pile of bricks. I know this isn’t how it works, but I had the impression that those bricks just all let go, at the same time.

St. Paul, Nebraska
photographed 8.30.2014

PS. So, I decided to look at a map of St. Paul, Nebraska. And while I was looking at the map, I decided to take myself on a little street-view tour, where I saw this image from April 2012. See how the building’s gone, but the pile of bricks isn’t even there? Now I think maybe the bricks are slowly returning to the site and will reassemble themselves into that building….

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  1. I think you need to set up a surveillance camera at this site. I’d like to see those bricks in action!


  2. To be on the safe side, and considering a frame rate of 24 fps, you would want a shot a day, at least. Otherwise it would take, at one per week, a whole year to get 2 seconds of video. One sneeze and you would miss it – a sort of sneeze you lose scenario. Besides which I am not sure there is much more to do in St. Paul so it could get real boring hanging around waiting to take the next shot.

    The little drifts or micro-dunes of old mortar are really nice. Or maybe they are machine tracks.

    I sure like this picture – what a great non-building. And even the google view is really nice. What a great spot. Sometime ago, and I can’t even remember when or where, I took a shot and probably posted it which showed faint traces of an old building outline – a few bits of flashing. I really liked that there were two buildings in the photograph, one a ghost, the other still bricks and mortar. This is even better than what I saw. And I love that long and faint sloping line that comes out of the right side of the former building outline and disappears stage right. What the heck was that from?


    • (You may want to get with Andy and set up some kind of co-monitoring.)

      I can’t even imagine what that sloping line could have been. It’s very low, too low for a carport. Maybe it was a downspout that drained toward the alley. Maybe when you’re there, monitoring the situation, you could ask around?

      Also, the local radio station broadcasts over loudspeakers that are just a half-block away from this place, so you’ll have plenty of music and local news and etc. to break up the monotony of one shot/day.


  3. That’s given me the first chuckle of the day, Melinda. Ken’s right – this place needs monitoring. If you pay expenses I ‘ll come over and stake it out.


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