Two traditions


The very formal stone marker in the foreground and the Virgin of Guadalupe in her niche behind it are a fairly accurate representation of the way cultures in New Mexico co-exist.

Rosario Cemetery
Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 6.28.2014

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  1. Nicely worked image, Melinda. Churches and Graveyards can provide a lot of information on local culture and custom


    • Thanks, Andy. I enjoy shooting in cemeteries, for all the usual reasons.

      I’ve got an outline for a novel that involves a person who travels for a living, who always eats lunch in small country cemeteries. One of these days, when I’m retired or otherwise have time on my hands, maybe I’ll finally write that book… In the meantime, I guess I can consider all my cemetery visits as research!


  2. Good one, Melinda. If you ever make it to Argentina, definitely visit Recoleta in Buenos Aires.


    • Thanks, George. I like to visit cemeteries; it’s interesting to see the way local cultures are reflected in them.

      My friend Carlos and I once photographed a remote cemetery north of Dallas. Almost all of the markers had fallen over (or had been pushed). After we’d been there a while, we became aware of an extremely loud argument coming from the only house that we could see. Then it started to feel like the sound waves from prior arguments were responsible for the broken markers. We didn’t stay very long after that…


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