Elephant Woman


I felt weird enough just taking a picture of this huge banner at the carnival; I sure didn’t feel like going inside…

Although I might have been interested in finding the person responsible for the random apostrophes on Olga’s banner.

Panhandle South Plains Fair
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 9.23.2014

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  1. More apostrophes = more exotic, obviously””’

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    • Yes’ of course’.

      (I once edited something that my father-in-law had written; he used approximately one million commas, and nearly none of them were correct. I marked all the errors; he never asked me to edit anything for him again.)


  2. Now, the elephant man I understand. You know neurofibromatosis’ and such. But the elephant’ woman’ is according’ to that’ poster’, what? An’ elephant’ whisperer’?


    • I sort of got hung up on that exotic zebra-print bikini, and spent maybe too much time trying to figure out what connection it had with anything.

      Excellent utilization of apostrophes in your comment. Are you maybe the sign painter who did Miss’ Ol’ga”s sign?


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