Handmade marker


I’ve been to some fancy cemeteries – and have posted a lot of images from them – but the cemeteries I like the best are ones like these, in out-of-the-way towns that are mostly forgotten (the towns and the cemeteries, I mean.)

Last year, my friend Donna Catterick and I spent some time in Puerto de Luna, New Mexico, and of course the cemeteries were included in our itinerary. In El Calvario Cemetery, we spotted this tiny marker, clearly made by a family member and brought to the cemetery.

It reminds me of brown sugar that’s been pressed into a mold and then left in the elements to crumble away.

El Calvario Cemetery
Puerto de Luna, New Mexico
photographed 9.21.2014

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  1. I have visited and photographed a few local cemetery and usually the best places to take photos in a cemetery is the old section. New cemetery are just too neat, gravestones too much alike …. and I find cemeteries a very nice place to take photos


  2. Most of the markers in the Chinese Cemetery near my place are hand made – perhaps because it is easier to draw Chinese characters in wet cement than try to get a stone carver to do them properly in stone? And cheaper too.


    • I sort of forgot to look at the markers at the Chinese Cemetery – the ocean drew me away. One more thing on the list for my return trip.


      • Yes! The markers are also facing the ocean, so as you walk through them to get to the ocean, you can’t see the writing. And then one always walks along the ocean edge to leave the cemetery so it is possible to not even look back across the whole thing, and perhaps notice. Something to do with the excellent Feng Shui I expect.

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