That poor angel seems to have some sort of skin condition (or, stone condition?), doesn’t she? It looks itchy to me, and I hope it doesn’t distract her too much from her important job there at the cemetery.

Burnet Cemetery
Burnet, Texas
photographed 11.28.2014

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  1. Love the dramatic quality of this image… and the angelic bottom too!


  2. Perfect DOF here – any more and the shot would not have been as effective.


  3. Interesting that so much detail was given to the shape of her bottom and yet her wings are barely formed. ☺️


  4. Beautiful shot, so well composed and dof-ed(if thats a word?)
    Greetings, Ron


  5. She looks like she wants to fly away, but can’t.


  6. From the back it is hard to imagine a human face on that head – it could just as easily be canine. Must be the haircut. Though when I first saw the picture I wondered if it was a badly sculpted bird of prey. I guess I was only half wrong – the bird of prey half.


  7. Are angels girls in the US and other places? they belong to the masculine gender in Italian… weirdness of speech and culture ! the way this one sits it looks like HE is getting ready to jump into flight… yes, ‘putty’ too are grammatically masculine, and so was Eros their ancestor. You took an interesting photo from various points of view – including the dermatological…


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