’bout Time Liquor Store (closed)


Actual conversation:
Me: I don’t see ANYTHING I want to shoot. And, it’s cold.
Me (one millionth of a second later): Look at THAT!

Because how can you possibly pass up the chance to get a shot of the ’bout Time Liquor Store, which was apparently lying to us, since it wasn’t even open!?

Claude, Texas
photographed 12.26.2014

PS: I wasn’t really talking to myself. My spouse was with me, sitting in the passenger seat, rolling his eyes at the complete predictability of it all.

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  1. Maybe it was ’bout time it closed…great find and capture.


  2. Maybe you could get your husband a camera and outsource the photography and all you need do is write the stories about them. I enjoy reading the story as much as the photo.

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    • That would work better than his writing the stories… I’ll discuss it with the editorial staff here at One Day | One Image and see what they think about it. (They are usually fearful of change, but you never know.)


  3. Oh yes, the rolling of the eyes and the resigned expressions – sounds very familiar. Clearly the locals didn’t quite sign up to the implied – ’bout time. ‘Bout time you came in here to buy something. ‘Bout time you started drinking.


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