Not as portable as planned


Hernandez, New Mexico, is very famous. (This is why.)

It doesn’t quite look the same any more.

But that surely doesn’t mean there aren’t photos to be made if you stop by. This very textured little building (which may be a portable toilet?) was right there along a path, just waiting for me to come along. From the looks of things, it had been waiting for a while…

Hernandez, New Mexico
photographed 7.2.2014

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  1. Loads of great textures and a fun image as well.


  2. Looks like a dunny (outdoor toilet) to me. 🙂


  3. A porta-potty prototype? Did you call the number to say you had located one of their runaways? They might have been grateful. And, did you look inside, or around the back?


    • No, I haven’t called them yet. My office building suffered from a collapsed sewer line last week and we are without operating toilets; now is probably a good time to make a call….

      I did not look inside or around back: there was a fence. And a “no trespassing” sign.


      • I wouldn’t have looked inside either even without obstacles. It could have a skeleton held together with dessicated tissues sitting on the toilet. It has that look. Probably you dont want to call it in. You might have long and inconvenient discussions with the sheriff.


      • The patient spouse says that some day, when I peek into an abandoned building I am going to see something I wish I could un-see. That skeleton you describe would fit into that category!

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