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Ansel’s view (more or less)

Hernandez, New Mexico:if you’ve heard of it all, it’s likely to be from the title of Ansel Adams’s famous photograph “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico.” He made that photo in early November 1941, and since then the trees have gotten taller and there are more buildings and (I assume) 78 years of more crosses in the cemetery.

But this is the place. This is nearly his view – he was further back and higher up, along the road. But from there, you can’t even see the church at all any more.

“This is sort of a Holy Grail deal for you, isn’t it?” said the Patient Spouse as I nodded, wordlessly.

Hernandez, New Mexico
photographed 9.1.2019

PS: Also, yes, Adams’s photo has its own Wikipedia page. So there’s that.
PPS: The church had a flat roof in 1941; a carved wooden sign at the front door noting a renovation in the 1960s leads us to believe the current gable roof was added then.

Not as portable as planned


Hernandez, New Mexico, is very famous. (This is why.)

It doesn’t quite look the same any more.

But that surely doesn’t mean there aren’t photos to be made if you stop by. This very textured little building (which may be a portable toilet?) was right there along a path, just waiting for me to come along. From the looks of things, it had been waiting for a while…

Hernandez, New Mexico
photographed 7.2.2014

Some minor censorship


Even with half the sign missing, I think its intent is very clear and I did, in fact, EP T!

Hernandez, New Mexico
photographed 7.2.2014

There have been a few changes


Maybe one of the most iconic photos of all is Ansel Adams’s Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, which was shot from the edge of the road one evening in 1941.

I stood at very nearly the same spot and saw this instead of a moonrise over a simple church and a small graveyard. In fact, from where that famous photo was shot, it’s nearly impossible to see the church and graveyard any more.

I do like the variety of items that were available at this little gas station (now out of business). Pop and cigs AND septic tank service? All in one spot? That’s pretty good selection.

Hernandez, New Mexico
photographed 7.2.2014

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