One of the lanterns


Quite a few of the streets in the neighborhood where I stayed in Dana Point had “lantern” in their names: Blue, Golden, Ruby, Port, Crystal lanterns were all represented. And there was Lantern Bay Park adjacent to my hotel.

What’s up with that?

The original plan for Dana Point was for a Spanish-style town with wide streets named after “Lanterns,” and when the streets were laid out, there were actual lanterns for street lights, modeled on the old sailor’s kerosene lanterns. This is still part of the community, in street names like Street of the Golden Lantern, Street of the Blue Lantern, and even a recent newcomer, Street of the Crystal Lantern.*

And, here’s one of those “actual lanterns”, though this one doesn’t appear to be workable.

(On a completely unrelated note, my photograph “Where the Wind Gallops” has been shortlisted on the current Digital Lightroom competition. I’d appreciate your vote, but a vote for any of the images would be appreciated!)

Dana Point, California
photographed 1.7.2015

*I found this information here.

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  1. Great contrast and use of the background and spectrum and hues…Of course you know me, so I may not know what I am talking about. But I do like the picture and Dana Point is ok too. p.s. I voted for your picture


  2. This is fabulous!




  3. Interesting history…got your image again from my work computer (different IP)


  4. You say this town was “essentially perfect” and you found this to photograph. You should hire yourself out to tourism boards to roam the streets to find grotty corners that need prettying up. I even have a name for your consultancy – Spot the Grot Inc.

    Please use it, I like getting disposing of bad ideas quickly.


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