Dolly in the window


I’ve seen some creepy things in my photographic wanderings.

But nothing topped this.

South Plains, Texas
photographed 2.14.2015

(Also, “South Plains” is not only a geographic area, but an actual town name, a fact I did not know until last Saturday.)

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  1. Why do we find dolls so creepy, I wonder?


  2. Dolls have an inherent creep-factor to them…


  3. Before I read your comment I though it look creepy. Dolls like that did not look creepy before that horror movie (I forget the name), they were just dolls given to kids, usually girls


  4. A rather sad sight, and the partially disclocated head adds to the ‘creepy’ factor.


  5. This is kind of like a portrait taken in a mirror (or the kinds of shots Ashley makes sometimes), which does make it creepy. I live in a household of dolls, not just the small wooden ones who are out and about at all times and not at all creepy, but older ones with sliding eyes, rotting (real) hair and signs of past child abuse (that is, abuse done by children). Some of those ones are very creepy. Perhaps I need to take some photos, perhaps through dirty glass …


    • This poor doll also had a situation going going on with her hair, in that most of it appeared to have been pulled out. Given the shape she’s in, I sort of wonder why she didn’t end up in the trash. Or…maybe she DID end up in the trash, but escaped…

      I’d advise you to be careful if you start photographing the creepy dolls in your household: I think it leads to bad dreams.


  6. Wow, that is creepy! I love creepy dolls.


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