Footbridge to the end of the day

This is the next-to-last in our planned collaboration; however, Ehpem and I have another project up our photographic sleeves…

But in the meantime, here’s what he had to say about this place:

Our collaboration continues.

This bridge is built on top of a very large log. I wonder how they got the log across the gap. Perhaps a tsunami dropped it there long ago. What will the resort do when it needs replacing?

This is a lovely spot and the bridge which has bright red railings unexpectedly adds to the beauty. Perversely we both chose to process our photographs in black and white.

Lacking a very wide-angle lens and space to back up for an equivalent look, Melinda chose to emphasis the spider-like pattern of the bridge railings. From her point of view it is creepy to walk into that embrace.

I think these two photos are an excellent example of collaboration. They emphasize quite different aspects of the scene and do so in a way that enhances one another.



I have to add that I am jealous of Ehpem’s shot – it’s so wide and gives more of the sense of what that bridge felt like.

Point No Point Resort, British Columbia
photographed 4.21.2015

You can see Ehpem’s post here, and the series here.

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  1. Maybe I could improve my photos if I had a photographic sleeve. I’ll check B&H today.

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  2. Here’s a situation where (I think) I need both photos to get the full (mediated) experience of this bridge. In yours I understand that this is a bridge without being told. I see where the bridge is going and what exists outside the bridge to require a bridge. In Ephem’s—now that I know from your photo that this is a bridge—I can feel myself walking across it rather than only contemplating it. But without your establishing shot—or a verbal explanation—I’m not sure I’d know what I was looking at in Ephem’s. Joel Meyerowitz wrote somewhere that he considers a series of photographs essential to a viewer’s experience, that one frame alone doesn’t convey enough information . . . .


    • I guess that Ehpem and I are trying to show that Joel Meyerowitz is correct!

      This is (to me) the best example in our series of how we saw the same thing so differently.

      But the best part of this series has been your very insightful comments on our work. Maybe the next time we do a series like this, we’ll bring you in as guest moderator or something.

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      • Melinda, that is an inspired idea. I wish I was such a clear thinker and speaker about such things as Linda obviously is. I suspect that hanging around with her would expand a lot of horizons.


      • The other thing is that if (when, I meant to say) we hand over the writing of our co-posts to Linda, then she gets the fun of navigating all the behind-the-scene stuff. All we’ll have to do is put our images on the drive and she can take it from there. I hope she doesn’t read this comment – I may have said too much.

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  3. Gotta say I prefer Ephem’s this time–that width is awesome, like you say!


  4. I like the perspective in the photos – which is best??? Hard to say – I like them both. Ephems is more traditional – yours is more dramatc…..


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