Shoppers and an Observer


Remember the other day, when I thought my image was going to be ruined when one person walked into the shot? You can just imagine how this one made me feel.

I may have to re-evaluate my no-people rule.

Portland, Oregon
photographed 6.12.2015

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  1. Consider it more of a guideline than a rule.


  2. . . . and keep taking photos like this one.


    • Thanks, Linda. I could tell that I’d actually learned something important at my photography class in March. Our teacher, the amazing Sam Abell, told us over and over to “compose and wait.” My first shot here was just the vacant street with just the very front end of a car on the right side. Then the woman in the foreground came into the frame, and didn’t look like she was planning on leaving anytime soon. So, hearing Sam’s voice in my head, I waited until the pedestrians on the other side of the street had arranged themselves in a nice manner – they were very accommodating that way. And then I made the shot.


  3. Your patience was definitely rewarded, Melinda.


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