Boomtown Dining


It doesn’t seem that long ago that the road from Midland to Lamesa was narrow with nothing on either side but rangeland. The oil boom changed all that. Now the road has four lanes. There’s this diner, tiny in comparison with the size of the parking lot. And, of course, more stuff that looks like those tanks and buildings in the background.

Martin County, Texas
photographed 7.12.2015

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  1. I like the “sweep” of this. It reminds me of the movie “Giant”, which I think took place somewhere in Texas. And the first time I saw that movie it was in black and white (TV).


  2. I agree! But no ruins? Must be the heat.


    • This must have been confusing to not see any ruins in one of my images! Don’t worry, though, I’ve only abandoned them temporarily. There’s a pretty good chance that by tomorrow, I’ll be back to the usual…


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