I bet you’re sorry you didn’t get to see me frame up this shot! I really wanted to place the tall monument in the back between the arches of the foreground marker. I had to raise up on tiptoes, lean in over another marker, try to miss sun flares, and tilt to the left. It’s a little bit of a miracle that I didn’t injure myself.

Columbia Cemetery
Boulder, Colorado
photographed 9.25.2015

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  1. Excellent composition is never an accident. And based on that description of your attempts to get the shot, you’re right: it’d have been a treat to watch.


  2. Great photo! I appreciate your effort. the names on the stone up front are different, hmmm.


  3. Anything for the shot…I know the feeling – well done!


  4. The things we do for the shot!


  5. Excellent! And well done for staying in one piece!


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