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There seem to be a lot of entertainment options here, and you probably share my interest in finding out what Del the Funky Homosapien is all about.

Just before I found these posters, I had an Incident: I tried to go into a bookstore, but the security thing at the entrance went off when I went in. The stoner guy behind the counter asked me to go out and come in again, which of course made the security thing go off two more times. He looked at my (very small) purse, and even through his herbal haze could tell I wasn’t using it to smuggle a book into the place. (Who’d smuggle a book IN, anyway?) Then he spotted the (much larger) camera, and had a Good Idea. He thought maybe I could just leave my camera with him while I looked around the store. I countered with a Better Idea: that my camera, my purse, and I just go ahead and leave. Which made the security thing go off one more time…

Boulder, Colorado
photographed 9.25.2015

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  1. Fricken Boulder…


  2. Man, Del is so good I’ve downloaded his music and am following on Instagram, and Soundcloud, and Facebook. Not twitter though, he’s not THAT good.

    I wonder if that was an alien detector they had, for Texans and others not commonly seen in those parts. Imagine the sounds it would have made if a Canadian with a large camera and no purse had walked in.

    I actually have a bit of a policy, never boiled down to security before but it works: if a bookstore is big enough to have a security gate then I don’t want to do business with them. That arises from big chain bookstores moving here from eastern Canada and obliterating most of the really nice small bookshops. Besides which the small stores usually have what I want, and knowledgeable staff.


    • I’m glad you told me you downloaded Del’s music; I’d planned on getting you a complete set of CDs for Christmas…

      The thing about that bookstore is that it wasn’t one of the big-box-bookstores – it was a little place, the kind I like to go into. I mean, I GUESS it was the kind I like to go into.

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  3. Ya done good !


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