Shot through


I almost never delete an image. (Yes, that does require a LOT of storage.)

But here’s a good example of why I hang on to them. I made this image nearly three and half years ago; I was trying to photograph the way the water from the lawn sprinklers looked in the sun; when I made the images, none of them came out the way I wanted them to. There is a very good chance this was because I wasn’t all that sure about what I was doing. But I kept them: you just never know.

And then I spotted this while I was looking at some older stuff. Now, let me be the first to say that this still isn’t quite what I wanted to get. But, in a way, it’s better that what I thought I was after. The way that water is shot across the image and the way it obscures some of the markers are things I didn’t notice when I made the image. Or any of the other times since then that I’ve looked at it. It took until now for my eye to see what’s been there all along.

And that’s why I don’t delete images: because I have slow eyes.

Weaverville Cemetery
Weaverville, California
photographed 8.3.2012

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  1. Nice image. I keep everything too as my 105gb cloud storage will show. 😄

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  2. I never delete images either…you just never know. Often I become so obsessed with a smallish problem, that I overlook the greater potential of an image. Glad you kept this one!


  3. My eyes are faster than my brain. Not good.


  4. Wait until you get my age. Even my camera is getting slower. Thing won’t even take a pic if I don’t turn it on. Think I’ll toss it.


  5. Maybe you have to wait for some photos to jell over time, but I bet you have the fastest slow eyes in the West. I like this complex image.


  6. I often go back to images and find something in them that I couldn’t see before. It’s a good point you are making with this nice image.


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