Roadside Attraction, winter


Tinkertown was closed for the winter, but I still wanted to swing by and make a few images. (Here’s another article that mentions Tinkertown.)

A couple of years ago I attended a writing conference where I met a wonderful writer, Tanya Ward Goodman. She was receiving an award at the conference for her memoir, Leaving Tinkertown, the story of growing up at Tinkertown, which was built by her father, and of her dad’s early-onset dementia. Tanya’s writing is funny, poignant, and honest. During my dad’s recent decline and subsequent death, her words were in my mind often. If you’ve been wanting to read a well-written memoir, I can recommend Tanya’s book without hesitation.

The other thing about Tinkertown is that I used to go by it often when I lived in Albuquerque – it’s on the way to the mountains – but I never even noticed it! What the hell was wrong with me?! So, because I met Tanya and read her book, I went a tiny bit out of my way to see it. Now, I just need to go back when it’s open.

Sandia Park, New Mexico
photographed 12.23.2015

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  1. I like it. A number of us seem to be seeing the benefits of black and white photography again. Nice!


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