Opposite Sides, Still


The French and British haven’t always gotten along so well in Nova Scotia, so spotting the English cucumber sign on the opposite side from the Tour de New France poster sort of made my day.

Church Point, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.29.2015

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  1. Mine also Melinda. Thanks.


  2. Darn, I can’t get to see the detail on my laptop. (Sulks.)


  3. I spotted the Tour de New France poster and then really struggled to see a cucumber anywhere – then I cleaned my glasses and hey presto I saw the box far right


  4. The main problem is that clicking on the image doesn’t launch it in a separate window, where a bigger version can be seen. I have noticed that default changing on one of the themes I use around the new year. But perhaps you changed the setting? I often take a close look at your photos and now I have to right click and get it to open in an new tab and go from there (though the image is no larger I find, at least I can enlarge it myself, a bit).
    I have one sister that lives in England. And one that lives in France. They seem to meet more often in Canada than they do in Europe, the English Channel (or whatever the French call it) being such a big obstacle.


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