The laundry still needs to be done


Remember the other day, when I said that the behind-the-scenes things fascinated me?

Bourbon Street, in New Orleans’s French Quarter, is known for many things – bars, strip clubs, Mardi Gras shenanigans, and so on. But there’s never been a mention of Bourbon Street laundromats, as far as I know.*

So you can just imagine how happy I was when I saw this place, right there on Bourbon Street.

corner of Bourbon Street and Dumaine Street
New Orleans, Lousiana
photographed 1.8.2016

* I went to grad school in New Orleans; my degree was in urban planning with a concentration in historic preservation planning.** We did a lot of projects in the Quarter. I’d led a pretty sheltered life until then…

** No, I really don’t use that degree. Ever. But thanks for asking.

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  1. Wonderful atmosphere. The charm and ‘timelessness’ of ordinary things come thru in this beautiful image.


  2. LAUN DRY TERIA. Love the emphasis on DRY. I suppose in the old days it might have been a place to process ill gotten cash?


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