Last flight


I like taking the last flight: the terminals are emptier. And that means better photos (since you know how I am about photos with people in them.)

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
Kenner, Louisiana
photographed 1.10.2016

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  1. A beautiful range of tones and a beautifully haunting atmosphere in this image.


  2. Air travel isn’t so pleasurable as it was thirty years ago, I totally understand what you mean. I like all the reflections in this photo.


  3. Plus you have the vending machines as yours alone.


  4. The smudges on the wall on the left look an awful lot like a cartoonish monster eating something. Baggage probably.


    • Yes, I believe the New Orleans airport has one of these baggage monsters in each terminal. When we lived there, there was only one baggage monster, so sometimes it took a long time for your bags to not arrive. Thanks to increased efficiency, now they can not arrive almost instantly!

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