Handless King Stands Guard


The cemetery behind this country church was tidy, with straight rows, whitewashed markers, trimmed grass.

The north edge of the cemetery was also the edge of the softball field. The outfield butted up against a horse-racing track.

And this handless little king kept watch over it all.

St. Lawrence Catholic Church
Eunice, Louisiana
photographed 1.10.2016

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  1. there is a real enigmatic beauty to this image, the DOF is really finely judged.


  2. Where do you suppose the hands are now? Did someone take them home as souvenirs, or vandals take them to the ball field and swing a bat at them, or they just fell off and sank into the ground, or maybe got flung about by mower blades till they were disposed of. We’ll never know, but it does make me wonder.


  3. Well … I didn’t want to mention it but seeing as how you are awake anyway: perhaps they freed themselves and are silently drifting around at neck height looking to have a good throttle. Not sure that I’d visit these parts at night.


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