No body parts


It’s nice to know that sometimes people do follow the rules: I did not see any body parts at all in this shrine.

Abernathy, Texas
photographed 2.12.2016

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  1. This is poignant. Truly excellent


  2. The body parts mentioned probably refer to the figurines of arms or legs, hands or feet etc. that in some Catholic countries people leave at chapels and sanctuaries when they have been healed of some grievous ailment to those ‘body parts’ … The injunction not ‘to burn candles inside’ goes contrary to Catholic ritual, but maybe safety consideration prevailed… All in all a very interesting picture.


    • I know the figurines you mean – there are a couple of them visible in the photo, actually.

      This shrine did have candles, but they were electric. I’ve never seen anything quite like them: red glass holders, flame-shaped light bulbs, and a switch at each one to turn them on/off. Fire dangers are almost always a concern around here, so maybe that’s what motivated the selection.

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  3. I can only imagine that list is a reflection of things people HAVE left in the past (you know, like don’t use the hair drier in the shower). Very odd, indeed.


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