Where we came from


On that recent off-the-Interstate trip to Colorado, we ended up on some gravel roads, which was part of the fun of the trip. As I was driving on this one, I could see the crest of the road ahead and just knew I’d stop there for a few (dozen) photographs.

As you can see, there was a break in traffic ( ! ) and I was able to stand in the middle of the road to get this shot. Try doing THAT on an Interstate!

Elbert County, Colorado
photographed 9.4.2016

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  1. One fact you missed about Colorado interstates since you didn’t drive on them is the typical pace is nearly a standstill… 😀


  2. Awesome !


  3. I went to the Elbert County Fair, once upon a time, in a small group led by Elizabeth Wright Ingraham. It was day of “whimsical” adventures including a chicken processing plant, and ended in the dark sneaking around the yard of a house she had designed.


  4. Great lead-in lines and beautifully sharp contrasts.


  5. Fantastic image of the wide open spaces under a dramatic sky.


  6. Dang, there’s a bend in that road. Did you make it around in one go, or did you have to try a few times?

    Is getting off the pavement a bit like going around back? Sure seems worth it to me.


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