What boredom looks like: photographer as passenger


My Patient Spouse will back me up on this: I am a TERRIBLE passenger on road trips.

I get bored pretty fast. And when I get bored….well, you don’t need to know really a lot of details about that. Other than one of the things I do is take random photos out the window.

near Clines Corners, New Mexico
photographed 10.4.2016

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  1. Well, the sign you got was pretty interesting. I’m betting half the reason you get bored is because Patient Spouse probably drives in straight lines and doesn’t see the need for U-turns every 30 seconds or so, amirite? 😀


  2. Haha I know what you mean. I did a series a couple of years back called ‘Alaska at 70mph’ lol


  3. Your post made me smile .. Random shots out the window.😃 got it..


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