Lost in timelessness


This is from yet another gravel road from our recent Colorado trip. The road’s condition, the scenery, the foliage, the sign all seemed sort of timeless.

Union County, New Mexico
photographed 9.5.2016

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  1. Love it !


  2. You sure you’re not secretly using film?

    I was just getting some 620 take up spools so I can run some 120 through an old 620 camera. And that camera will be full of dust and small hairs and likely will render the sky like this shot. Which is why I ask.


    • Nope. All digital, all the time.

      I just used the “add dust and other crap” filter in Photoshop. It is cheating, according to some people.*

      *My brother-in-law. And some people from my most recent photography class.

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      • That is what in-laws are for. Those purists in your photography class were likely spending hours dust spotting (with photoshop) their scanned negatives so that they didn’t look like this. Which means you don’t need to listen to them.


      • One of the purists (or, as I called him, Photoshop denier) in my class spent a LONG time telling me how he works with food stylists in his career as a food stylist. But somehow THAT wasn’t cheating?!

        And, I did quit listening to him. It was (likely) mutual.

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      • I love how people post analogue photos “straight out of the scanner”, “not edited”, etc. And yet, they (or their lab) spend a lot of time choosing colour correction settings, contrast, sharpening, clarifying, cropping and making sure the dust removal settings are working before they scan. For me getting it right in the camera is one thing, getting it right in the scan is quite another, and making it right in photoshop is pretty much the same as getting it right in the scanner, just different software.

        I bet you quit listening to that stylist before he was done talking ….


      • It makes me crazy when people conveniently forget all the dodging and burning and etc. that was done in darkrooms, and try to portray darkroom work as somehow more “pure” than using Photoshop and etc. Tools – it’s all just tools we use.

        I guess the analog people think if THEY didn’t do the scanner adjustments it doesn’t count?!

        I listened to the stylist until just after he told us – as an example of the tools of his trade, ironically – that they use cosmetic sponges to shore up things like hamburgers so the fronts of them are all level or something. After that, I had to get (a lot) more wine.

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      • Any excuse for wine. But that would be my response too. Relieve the tongue from too much biting.


      • Not JUST wine – really booze of almost any variety will work.

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