Unload With Hide On


Yes, this has always been my #1 Rule To Follow, too.

Post, Texas
photographed 11.5.2016

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  1. Where better to post rules than in Post . I think they mean what they post ! Guess some Texans can’t follow the rules. Excellent find to share with us. End of my post.


  2. Just what kind of wild games go on behind locked doors in Post, TX?


    • It’s probably not as exciting as you’re imagining – here’s a bit of the town’s history:

      The land belonged to John Bunyan Slaughter, as it was on his U Lazy S Ranch. In 1906, Slaughter sold it to Charles William (C. W.) Post, the breakfast cereal manufacturer, who founded “Post City” as a utopian colonizing venture in 1907. Post devised the community as a model town. He purchased 200,000 acres (810 km2) of ranchland and established the Double U Company to manage the town’s construction. The company built trim houses and numerous structures, which included the Algerita Hotel, a gin, and a textile plant. They planted trees along every street and prohibited alcoholic beverages and brothels.

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  3. Things would look rather gruesome with ‘hide off’.


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