More good news. And it came at a good time.

I’ve been spending this week in the hospital, because I had knee replacement surgery on Monday. Late yesterday afternoon was when the nerve block wore off and I started to feel like, as my friend Pat Maines says, “hammered dog shit.”

No details, but I’m a terrible patient.

Anyway, in the midst of the torture sessions they call “physical therapy” I received news that two of my images have been selected into a show called “Dream” at Darkroom Gallery in Vermont.  Susan Burstine was the juror. And, as always, my profound gratitude to everyone who follows this blog, for I couldn’t do it without you. And big thanks to Jocelyn Young, who told me about the show.

The juror  chose “i dreamt i was an angel”, which I made in Santa Fe:

And, making its second appearance in a jurored show is “Dusty Ghosts of Time”, from Trinhcera, Colorado.

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  1. Hope you heal soon.


  2. A speedy recovery. Congratulations on the photos.


  3. Great images. Hope that knee gets better quickly. :>)


  4. My sympathy and congratulations, Melinda. Yet another way to learn that timing is everything, eh?


  5. Once you are out of hospital walking will be so much more fun. Looking forward to other images you discover.


  6. Congratulations on both. Having helped rehab many hip and knee patients it will get better. IJK is correct. One day soon you will wish you had done that sooner.
    You have been getting the honors you deserve with your art. And we are the beneficiaries.


    • Well, I am still not *quite* at the place where I wish I’d done this sooner. But I’m only 4 days out, and that probably takes, what, five or seven days? How is that you’ve helped rehab several hip and knee patients?

      Not to be getting all mushy and crap, but I would have gotten bored and moved on from the blog if there weren’t people like you who take the time to look at my stuff and comment.


  7. Congratulations on the show. That’s so exciting. The images are beautiful, too.
    It’s a little more than six months since I got the new knee and feel great about it. It didn’t happen overnight but if you keep a positive attitude about the PT, you’ll feel better soon. I didn’t like taking the pain killers so I dropped them right away. They have, shall we say, some unpleasant side effects. If you need anyone to take care of that Leica while you’re recovering – (as Leonard Cohen would say) I’m your man.


    • Thanks, Ken.

      I remembered that you’d gotten a new knee – I may be in touch if I have questions or need encouragement. To this point, the, uh, side effects of the medication are worth it…

      And because I AM still taking those drugs, I can’t remember if I actually DID send you the Leica or not. I did, I think. I’m pretty sure. Anyway, keep an eye out for it.


  8. I hope your rehabilitation isn’t too painful, Melinda. Get well soon. Congrats on more success for your photos!


  9. Like so many we are lucky and happy to have found your site. I worked as a Physical Therapy Tech for several years at a local hospital. It was “OJT” but I learned so much. Had a great bunch of PT’s, PTA’s, and Occupational Therapist to work amongst. But I finished by becoming a Recovery Room Tech. With the improvement they have made in procedures and devices your new knee should last a long time. So I expect the same quality of images as before!


    • Lately, I’ve gotten to know all of those trades quite well – my greatest admiration to all of you who do medical work.

      I haven’t yet taken any “real pictures yet, but do post an iPhone photo every day on Instagram. Maybe this weekend I’ll get back out with the actual camera.


  10. Fabulous .. congratulations! All the very best for a speedy recovery 😄


  11. Best to you during your recovery…


  12. It must be so frustrating – I fractured my arm just at my shoulder – the right, the one I need – and it’s taking a long time to get back, but I’m so far ahead of where I was two months ago. Still doing PT but lucky to be with one I like. Congrats on the photos being chosen – I love the first one, and the title works beautifully.


  13. I’m catching up – glad to hear you are on the way to Rehab now you have become partially bionic. Physiotherapists are hard taskmasters. I love the descriptive term! Congratulations too on your latest successes.


  14. Have the “Torture Sessions” been working for you? Future physical therapist here. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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