Great-grandmother’s final rest


When my grandparents left Branson, during the Depression, for the hoped-for greener pastures in Texas, they left behind a son who’d died from diptheria when he was only four years old. Later on, my great-grandmother joined him in this desolate little cemetery.

Branson, Colorado
photographed 9.5.2016

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  1. Oh, what a sad little place…..


    • It was a sad cemetery. And my two family markers were especially sad. There’s no telling when the last time anyone put flowers on them, and we were unprepared. My husband found a blown-away silk flower snagged up in weeds and we put that on my great-grandmother’s grave. It was (literally) the least we could do.

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  2. But at home and at rest. Your latest shots have been filled with longing of place and people. Yet I hope a sense of peaceful reflection and contentment overall.


  3. It feels lonely but I love how most of the photo is sky and clouds. Because that’s where your great grandmother is….watching over you!


  4. The big sky seems to have promise, but even there, the clouds have a heaviness to them. I read some of the comments, and have to say – death anniversary’s, particularly the first one, can be tough and often impact one more then one would expect. But you expressed it – consciously, unconsciously – who cares! Feeling behind the camera….


  5. This is a beautiful photo .. A very special place for you


  6. Something bleak about this spot, and yet that wonderful sky changes the whole scene. There is a sense that Heaven is up there somewhere, you can almost see it.


    • It would have been an entirely different shot if the sky had been clear or if it had been heavily overcast. I’m not one of those photographers who can wait around for days (or even hours) to get just the “right” sky, so I have to take what I can get. Sometimes, though, what I get is exactly what I need.


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