Massacre and the Memorial


We hadn’t really planned on going to Ludlow. We’d planned on stopping in Trinidad for the night; when we got there, the Patient Spouse was checking Wikipedia*, and caught a reference to the Ludlow Massacre. At the very same time, one of my Facebook friends had posted something about…the Ludlow Massacre. And, my blogging friend Matt had mentioned something about it, too, in an email he sent before our trip.

So, of course, we had to go.

Ludlow, Colorado
photographed 9.4.2016

*This is also how we learned that Trinidad was once known as the Sex Change Capital of the World.

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  1. Two interesting things I learned today.


  2. Love the angle and play of light.


  3. I bet you sometimes wish you had a pair of shears on a long arm that would enable you to sever those cables that run through the sky and annoy photographers so often. I get frightfully confused with names of places in the USA. One moment you are in Ludlow – I know that place, it’s in Shropshire.The next you are in Trinidad the Caribbean island. Have you discovered a way to escape the space/time continuum or whatever the phrase is.


    • While it is possible to PhotoShop out the cables, I never have good results when I try it. So, I’ve decided that the cables “add character” – and sometimes I believe it. In this case, though, the photo would have been a LOT better without them. Our pal Ehpem often accuses me of carrying around inflatable boulders that can be instantly added to any scene – maybe I need to add a sky backdrop to my kit…

      I get a great deal of amusement from place names. My cousins lived in Earth. Earth, Texas, that is.


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