Ethanol, second

It looks like a sand dune, doesn’t it? I guess it would correctly be called a millet dune, but that sounds sort of funny.

If you wanted, you could also call it “more or less 15% of the fuel in my tank, eventually.”

Hockley County, Texas
photographed 3.19.2017

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  1. Lol, does it have an odor to it ?


  2. So weird to be out in the open and not stored in a silo, or are these husks? I guess it doesn’t matter how the grain is stored if it will be used for fuel, but surely keeping it contained to a viable working area would be an issue. After all dunes move.

    Love this and the previous image. Nice to see some colour work from you but your B &W are my biggest love.

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    • I’m glad you liked the pair of color images. The variety of colors in the dunes were what caught my attention, and there wasn’t another way to convey that except through the use of — color!

      Those millet deals (I don’t have any idea what the individual grains are called.) are heavier than you’d expect, and don’t seem to blow around too much, even with the very high winds we’ve got here.

      My friend Ron, who teaches agriculture, tells me you can pop millet sort of like you can popcorn. He told me it’s a common food for humans, only not in our foodways, which are more European than African. In the US, millet is an animal food and (duh) used in ethanol production.

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