(Let me brag for just a minute)

I very proud to let everyone know that one of my images was accepted into a juried show at Texas Tech University; the show is called High and Dry: A Photographic Exhibition of Peoples and Places of the World’s Dry Lands. And there’s more: the photo was selected as an honorable mention!

The photo, “How Many Fond Memories,” was featured on the blog in February. The title comes from a haiku, written by my good friend (and collaborator at
The Poetry of Photography) Laurie Jameson. I am sure her lovely words helped sway the juror!

Kudos, too, to my friend Brett Erickson, over at Plainsky Nebraskans. He’s also got an image in the show, and it’s an honorable mention as well.

The show opens on November 23, so if you’re in Lubbock, stop by!

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  1. Melinda, congratulations! This is a terrific image and well worth the recognition. You must be very pleased. I saw the news at Brett’s sight too, and his photograph is very impressive as well (though it really could not be more different than this one). Now I have to go and check out the Poetry of Photography website…


    • Thanks; I AM pleased.

      And thanks for following The Poetry of Photography, too. You might have seen the haiku in the comments of this blog; Laurie took it upon herself to do that for the year. I really liked it, but thought that maybe the verses were getting hidden down in the comments section, so I started a new blog to give the poems equal billing with the photography.


      • I have been seeing her haiku and marveling at how apt it so often is. But I only see if I comment after she does, so its nice to have a place where it leads the post. From a quick look I can see I am going to enjoy that blog as well.


  2. Those certain moments
    of true congratulations
    continue to shine!


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