November 24

Bula is listed as a “populated place” on, which I presume is someplace smaller than a town. No exact population is listed, but you may find it helpful to know that the elevation is 3,793 feet.

Bula School, 2 of 4
Corner of Farm Road 54 and Farm Road 37
Bailey County, Texas

photographed 2.4.11

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  1. Nicely done. My eye is drawn to the curtain hanging out of the window…it’s as if the curtain’s trying to escape.


  2. Like Rapunzel’s hair
    hanging from the broken pane
    something seeks rescue.


  3. I really like this shot. Lots to look at, lots of emotion embedded. Amazing that the curtain has survived nearly 40 years of abandonment. It must have been a well populated place at one time.

    After our recent Tsunami alert I was amused to see a chart that gave warning times for the arrival of the wave at populated centres – it included several places that have not been populated for decades. One of them I camped for a few weeks one year. There is an old truck in the bush, and an old cannery boiler on the beach and no other real signs of occupation at all. Good thing since that place had 1 minute and 45 seconds warning time for the tsunami. But it still shows on the maps as having a post office.


    • I expect that the window’s been broken fairly recently, because it’s hard to imagine a curtain could very long hanging out like that. I like this shot because it reminds me of a farmhouse I used to drive by on my way to work. There was one curtain hanging out, just like this, and for the first several months I drove by, I’d always look for the piece of cloth flapping in the breeze. Then, one day, it was just gone. The scenario in my mind was that the cloth got sawed off by rubbing against a piece of broken glass. The farmhouse was torn down a few months ago – here’s a post from the day it was bulldozed over: (The curtain was in the window on the left, by the way.)

      Unless there was a tsunami on the way, that place you described sounds like somewhere I’d like to see…!


  4. It is somewhere you would like to see, though it is a bit of a rain concentrator for some reason whereas a few km to the east is not, and also somewhere you would like to be. The location is just out of frame in this picture:


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